„Without data you are just another person with an opinion.“

W. Edwards Demin

At ConMendo, Robert advises clients with a focus on HR digitization, IT infrastructure, AMS, and co-determination rights. Thanks to his many years of expertise and his pragmatic approach, sustainable solutions can be developed together with the client. It is important to find a synthesis between the dimensions of the necessary transformation in order to remain competitive and the change management for the stakeholder groups that (further) carry this transformation, taking into account corporate culture.

Robert has more than six years of experience in the HR environment with a focus on HR IT, where he has led and executed numerous international implementation projects as a Workday expert and project manager at several top consultancies (PwC, Alight, Accenture) and thus knows the HR engine room. He studied psychology with a focus on statistics and organizational psychology and also studied business administration with a focus on human resources. In this way, he helps clients to combine the optimal project result between the professional as well as the human. 

When he’s not enjoying time with his fiancée and the cats, he’s preparing for weddings or traveling. In addition, he indulges in good food or is interested in the latest developments in AI.

Why ConMendo?

Because I want to find the best possible solution for our clients. It is my understanding that customer needs, expectations and strategy should dictate technology and transformation, not the other way around. Together with our clients, we implement this as a ConMendo team with a lot of heart and knowledge.

For further information please contact Robert on +49 151 – 276 55 887 or robert.weiss@conmendo.de