How we see transformation

Since the very beginning of ConMendo, we have supported clients in a wide range of industries through their transformation projects. Functional reorganisations, process redesigns, sales transformations and the digitalisation of business models are just some examples.

Throughout the years, we have gained a detailed view regarding the process of transformations, potential stumbling blocks, and which methods to use to guarantee success.
Our transformation approach divides change projects into five phases. These phases are characterised by different goals and requirements.

With ConMendo’s support through your transformation process, you will be able to avoid obstacles from the beginning and therefore ensure progress in every phase. We use a modular and flexible approach which can be adapted to every client’s particular situation.


A proprietary review of transformation programs revealed five main obstacles on the transformation path



We mainly advise large and medium-sized companies, mostly DAX 40, from a wide range of industries and across many organisational units. For more information, please read our > Case Studies






Getting strategies going – we support you with creative, viable solutions throughout your transformation process. We lead our clients through all stages, from strategy development to implementation and incorporation into day-to-day business activities.
During transformation processes, we find it particularly important to ensure overall acceptance and buy-in of all relevant stakeholders. For all projects, we guarantee stringent content, process and communication control of the transformation – and we let the results speak for themselves.

ConMendo’s approach to transformation consulting at a glance:

An effective strategy requires a solid foundation: thorough preparation and joint, fact-based decisions are needed to develop a realistic vision and direction with our clients.
The formulated vision is then specified by means of a comprehensive operating model with a detailed target state to ensure the success of the project in the company.
Our experienced consultants ensure the feasibility and fit of the approach with regard to the performance and context of a company, in this way designing a solid foundation with our clients, rather than building castles in the air.

Based on the developed strategy and the transformation design, we create an implementation plan with concrete measures, defined responsibilities and realistic completion steps. Risks are identified at an early stage and preventive measures are developed.
Our clients can rely on our expertise, industry and company knowledge as well as the implementation experience with which our interdisciplinary teams manage a project – always in close cooperation with our clients.

We support clients in the roll-out of the implementation concept. We particularly work on overcoming any potential resistance to change that may arise. Ensuring the incorporation of the operating model in day-to-day business activities as well as a critical evaluation of whether the objectives have been achieved rounds off the project.

Our transformation maturity assessment (TMA) is usually the starting point of a successful transformation. It allows us to review transformations in a fast and efficient way and helps us to identify critical weak spots. Together with the client we then develop specific measures building on the assessment that offer fast improvements.
Supporting activities such as research or graphic design support for our presentations are provided by our professional support teams, which allows our consultants to fully focus on solving our clients’ issues.

Use us as a sparring partner.


Changes in the framework conditions make it necessary for companies to constantly question their business models, corporate structures and processes, management behaviour and cultures in order to ensure their long-term success. ConMendo uses maturity models for all SG&A areas to determine, together with the client, the respective status from an internal and external point of view as well as the individual objectives and thus derives the need for action or perpetuation.


The positioning of a company is not only determined by its market presence; the professionalism and efficiency of the support functions also have an impact on the competitiveness of companies. ConMendo helps clients to align the support functions specifically according to the company strategy and to adapt them to the needs of the customers.


Profitability and efficiency in the support functions are important for the success of a company’s support functions. Target values relating to quality, robustness and customer experience also play an important role. Based on extensive project experience, ConMendo provides levers that sustainably increase the power of the business units and accompanies the implementation of measures along company-specific targets in a holistic way, including the business case.


Digitisation initiatives in companies are closely linked to optimisation measures. Only if the introduction of an IT solution is not seen as a pure IT project, but as a holistic transformation, can the hoped-for savings potential, standardisation initiatives and improved user experiences be realised. ConMendo supports clients in the run-up to an implementation with a holistic service design – including a change impact analysis to evaluate the change caused by the implementation. In addition, we develop a detailed business case together with the client, which quantifies the savings potential for each service and enables implementation controlling. In addition, we accompany the selection process of the suitable provider with whom the desired digitisation goals can be achieved.


Experience shows that project results are successfully implemented in the day-to-day operations of a company if they are understood and supported across all levels of the company. At the centre of ConMendo support is the Impact Office, which ensures implementation success along four dimensions: 1. content guidance and consistency across all levels and areas, 2. project management, 3. ongoing implementation controlling of the KPIs to be achieved according to the approved business plan in conjunction with stringent implementation organisation and planning, and 4. transformation and change management. This is the only way to avoid the “silting up” of project results.


The Corona pandemic has shown that crisis situations place a great deal of pressure on companies. In addition to health protection, ongoing operations and the continued existence of the company must be mastered. In the short term, constantly new framework conditions must be created. ConMendo accompanies companies through the various challenges of crisis management according to a proven three-step plan (1. first aid, 2. stabilisation and 3. aftercare) and is available to clients as a sparring partner. Especially in the aftercare phase ConMendo supports companies by a structured approach to learn from the crisis.