The ConMendo-Team

Our consultants understand the dynamics and functioning of medium-sized companies as well as large corporates. They adapt their approach to the specific circumstances of each client’s requirements and needs. We believe that a realistic strategy functioning to 80 per cent ensures better outcomes than an unrealistic 100 per cent theory.

The dual approach of our consulting expertise helps our clients in two ways: on the one hand, they benefit from many best-practice examples, and on the other hand, they can rely on a very professional approach and decision-making at the highest management level thanks to the many years of professional experience of our team.

Selected consultant profiles

Lars Putzer

Managing Partner

Lisa Armbruster

Engagement Manager

Ingo Schädler

Client Director

Sebastian Ott

Project Manager

Jennifer Link

Project Manager

Dr. Philip Hucke

Associate Partner

Hendrik von Wieding

Project Manager

Franziska Schmid

Project Manager

Boris Brieskorn

Senior Project Manager

Annette Putzer

Managing Director

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