ConMendo delivers sustainable business value through Transformation Expertise and Digital Excellence. The combination of a sustainable steering logic for enabling functions with the use of state-of-the-art technology allows full process transparency as well as steering without losing sight of the relevant goals.

ConMendo Digital Excellence comprises two major areas: Process Mining and Digital Solutions. Our Process Mining experts help with the structured identification and realization of process optimization potentials. Digital Solutions provides inspiration for the targeted selection of innovative tools to solve real business challenges.



Our process mining experts provide proven solutions depending on individual situations and specific challenges. The ConMendo Process Mining Framework comprises three phases: Transparency, Variance Analysis and Implementation. At the beginning, the focus is on establishing fact-based transparency as a basis for process improvements. Optimization potentials are identified and evaluated through variance analysis. The last step is to implement the corresponding optimizations and to measure them under consideration of strategic process indicators.

Our solutions:

  • As-is transparency for one process in six weeks

  • Identification and evaluation of optimization potentials along the target dimensions

  • To-be process design through evaluation of as-is process

  • Also possible without Celonis licenses

  • Target-oriented process optimization along the target dimensions through integration of additional strategic KPIs

  • Real-time steering and control options via Celonis Execution Management System

  • Integration of further source systems possible

  • Can also be implemented without Celonis licenses


Objectivity through the ConMendo Process Scanner

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Digitalization projects and transformations are often thought of from the perspective of the existing software landscape and the question of potential new tools – the solutions of related business challenges are implicitly assumed, but not ensured. ConMendo Digital Solutions always focuses first on the business challenges first and evaluates software applications for it, which can be implemented hand in hand with a process-related view and thus exploit the full potential for the client.

ConMendo People Innovation Grid Tier-segmentation for Recruiting; source: ConMendo.

The ConMendo Digital database connects the business challenges with innovative technical solutions and ranks them according to their usability for our clients. We summarize a top selection of the identified solutions in our topic-specific Innovation Grids, which we have evaluated in terms of maturity and degree of innovation in a matrix (grid). The result of the Innovation Grid is the segmentation into three tiers in order to select a small selection of highly innovative and smart Tier 1 tools from the large mass of software providers on the market that serve a specific business need.

With the results of the ConMendo Innovation Grid, enhanced by the technical expertise of ConMendo consultants, specific client challenges can be addressed. The solution of the specific problem is always in the foreground and thus enables the target-oriented selection of the most suitable software.

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