Since the very beginning, transformation projects have been at the heart of ConMendo’s work. From the development of a strategy to implementation, we support companies exactly where it matters: supporting the company’s employees at every level. We also ensure a targeted approach through our “ConMendo Digital” division and the use of Data Insights & Analytics. After all, a project can only be successful when a theoretically developed solution works in the day-to-day environment of a company.

As the use of technology on a broad level is relevant for SG&A functions in any transformation, we have bundled our know-how in  “ConMendo Digital”. ConMendo Digital encompasses the use of process mining, the targeted analysis of innovative software solutions and the development of our own apps to solve relevant business challenges in the SG&A area.

The knowledge and experience of our employees enable conceptual excellence, business orientation and a tangible impact for our clients. The ongoing development of our employees is therefore an essential success factor for ConMendo.


An additional benefit for our clients is our dual consulting approach:

Our consultants gained their skills and knowledge from a combination of years of experience in management consulting and management positions in well-known corporates.

Thanks to their professional experience, ConMendo consultants have an in-depth knowledge and an extensive network in all functional areas of the industry in which they work.
The dual approach of our consulting expertise helps our clients in two ways. On the one hand, they benefit from the best practices and methodological knowledge which top management consultants offer, and on the other hand they can be sure of a considerate, thoughtful approach thanks to their extensive experience as managers in large corporations.

Close cooperation with our clients is always an integral part of our work. We believe that this is the only way to develop realistic concepts which can be implemented easily.

Workshops with relevant stakeholders are therefore an important part of our projects – we believe that they generate the most sustainable solutions. Detailed preliminary analysis and follow-up evaluation are an essential part of the decision-making process with our clients.

In order to incorporate our solutions into day-to-day activities, we rely on the experience of our employees. Thanks to their expertise, ConMendo consultants are aware of the key focus points during implementation, for example practice-oriented change management, pragmatic communication measures tailored to specific interest groups, and management coaching.

In ConMendo Digital, we bundle our expertise in process mining to enable fact-based process transparency and ongoing process monitoring for SG&A functions. Our licensed experts (e.g. Celonis) have several years of experience in the implementation of process mining tools and deliver real impact for our clients.

Chief Human Resources Officer, mechanical engineering company

Working with ConMendo is highly effective! They transform clever, strategic and trendy ideas into pragmatic concepts and powerful solutions.


Head of Division, European technology company

Stay as you are and do not become like all the other consulting companies – your unique approach makes you stand out positively.

Our clients come first

Our company name promises that we aim to develop solutions together with our clients and build on the trust we create.
Our focus is our clients: all solutions we develop in collaboration with them are as unique as the underlying challenges which were presented to us.
We do not rely on standardised solutions but develop realistic and implementable concepts – for maximum customer satisfaction and a sustainable partnership, built on trust.

Act responsibly

We rate confidentiality very highly for all our engagements. This is supported by our high ethical and moral standards, respect within the team and respect for our clients, including their culture and corporate environment.
This allows us to ensure the best possible quality and an efficient use of client and ConMendo resources – always ensuring pragmatism and sustainability.


We highly value openness and transparency, both within ConMendo and with our clients. Constructive feedback and critical self-reflection are part of our culture.
After finalising a project, we always review our performance in a self-critical and honest way. We believe that this is the only way to identify – and work on – the areas in which we can be even better.
Hierarchies do not matter; good ideas and opinions can come from any member of the team.