„Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.“

Steve Jobbs

Sebastian primarily oversees projects with a focus on holistic realignment and digitalisation. Due to his previous project experience as well as his professional and technical expertise, he acts as a bridge builder between stakeholders and as a problem solver for complex issues.

Sebastian knows the typical challenges of transformation projects from his time at a consultancy specialising in the private equity environment. There, Sebastian developed and implemented, among other things, digitalisation and reporting solutions in the finance and administration area for portfolio companies in various industries (including software, mechanical engineering and healthcare). Sebastian holds a Master’s degree in Management and Technology from the Technical University of Munich and is a certified International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) Analyst.

In his free time, Sebastian enjoys exploring foreign countries and cultures. In the summer months, Sebastian is a passionate long-distance runner and in the winter he often goes snowboarding in the mountains.


Why ConMendo?

ConMendo offers me the opportunity to work in a dynamic and motivated team within exciting projects. The consulting approach of developing sustainable solutions together with the client, combined with the broad experience of my colleagues, gives me the opportunity to regularly question myself and constantly improve.

For further information please contact Sebastian on 0151 – 276 55 883 or sebastian.ott@conmendo.de