„Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.“

Neale Donald Walsh

Saurabh is currently studying International Relations and Management in the 7th semester at OTH Regensburg. This is an interdisciplinary course with a focus on politics, economics and culture, which has enabled Saurabh to acquire knowledge in a variety of areas. As part of his studies, he also spent a year abroad in France, completing a six-month internship at a software start-up in Paris, where he was able to gain in-depth insights into the field of digital transformation with a focus on supply chain management.

In his free time, Saurabh enjoys traveling or watching sports with his friends (soccer, motorsports, MMA, boxing).

Why ConMendo?

ConMendo offers me the opportunity to gain new professional experience in a dynamic and open team and to contribute independently to the team. At ConMendo, I can also gain further experience in the field of management consulting and contribute my own suggestions to team-oriented problem solving.

For more information, please contact Saurabh Srikanth (Frankfurt Office) at saurabh.srikanth@conmendo.de