„The idea sits on our nose, as it were, as glasses, and what we look at, we see through them. It doesn’t even occur to us to take them off.“

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Raphael completed his training as an industrial clerk at HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH in Bad Arolsen. For a large part of his training, Raphael was employed in the area of human resources and, in particular, accompanied the entire recruiting process for trainees. After his apprenticeship, Raphael studied economics (B.Sc.) at the University of Leipzig. He is currently studying business psychology with a specialisation in personnel psychology. Through this extra-occupational study, Raphael is learning to grasp different problems from a theoretical and practical point of view and can put his acquired knowledge into practice at ConMendo in the area of recruiting.

In his free time, Raphael enjoys sports (football, jogging, cycling) and reading books. He also enjoys travelling, preferably with his girlfriend in a camper van.

Why ConMendo?

ConMendo offers me the opportunity to gain new professional experience in a dynamic and open team and to contribute to the team independently. Moreover, at ConMendo I can gain further experience in the HR field and participate in team-oriented problem solving with my own suggestions.

For more information, please contact Raphael Menkel (Munich Office) on +49 173 269 3676 or raphael.menkel@conmendo.de